Westmount Park United Church marries same sex couples

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Getting married at Westmount Park United Church

We believe that a committed, caring relationship between two people is a sacred gift.  It is to be recognized, blessed and celebrated.  We believe that God intends people to have loving relationships with each other, which are just, faithful, healing, supportive, fun and life-giving. We open our church for couples of all faith and cultures to celebrate their union. If you are interested in having your wedding in the beautiful traditional sanctuary of Westmount Park United Church, located at the south west corner of the park, please read the information below and contact our main office at 514-937-1146.

Do you have to be a member of Westmount Park United Church to be married here?

No, you don’t have to be a member of the church, nor do you have to worship here.  You don’t have to be baptized or be a Christian.  We hope that you will be inspired by the spirit that is drawing you to be married in a Christian ceremony to explore the faith community that does worship here, by attending a service on Sunday afternoons at 4:30.

WPUC_WeddingDo you have to be Christian?

People of various faiths are married in this sanctuary, with the help of religious leaders of their own faith.  The leader has to be licensed by the province to perform marriages, and the worship committee of the church has to approve all those who preside at marriages.

Can you be divorced?

In the United Church of Canada, there is no rule to prevent divorced people from being re-married.  A copy of the divorce decree must be shown to the presiding religious leader before the ceremony can be performed.

Who officiates (presides) at the wedding?

The church can provide a United Church minister from the community to preside at your wedding.  You are also welcome to bring in your own minister, religious leader or officiant who is legally permitted to conduct marriages and has been approved by session.

How much does it cost?

As of January 2017, Westmount Park United Church charges a flat fee for $900 for weddings. No other events are booked in the building so your ceremony is not disturbed. We also don’t book weddings back to back so you are not rushed. The flat fee includes any additional times for rehearsal or visits with your wedding planner, all necessary paperwork and support staff as well as use of the Sanctuary, three additional rooms for the bridal party, sound system, baby grand piano, organ, refrigerator, parking lot, any available decor, front and back parking and use of the garden. Staff consists of a co-ordinator, who works with you throughout the months to get everything organized and on the day of the wedding, a concierge and gardener. You are free to have your own minister or to book one of our ministers for an additional fee of $325. This fee includes any meetings to prepare the service as well as presiding at the service.  Music can be provided by the organist of your choice or we can recommend someone. The organist you choose must be able to play our Casavant organ and will need to speak with our organist first. Currently our organist charges $175 and this includes a consultation about your musical choices. We can also recommend our soprano soloist is also available to sing music of your choice.  Her fee is also $175.  You can also book your own soloist or organist and make other arrangements for music.

WPUC_Wedding_3How much notice do we need to give?

Summer weekends fill up quickly, both for the space and for the available clergy.  If possible, please provide at least 6 weeks notice.  Please do not print invitations until the date and time has been confirmed with a signed contract and a deposit.

Can you get married any day of the week?

If the sanctuary is available and the minister is available, you can make your vows at any time.  Remember that Westmount Park United Church is home to several active congregations, who worship on Sundays and once a month on Saturday mornings.  We will do our best to accommodate your date and time.

Can the sanctuary be decorated?

Decorations are welcomed, and the church has candelabra and occasional tables that can be used if you wish. You must make arrangements directly with your own florist. When you make your reservation, please be sure to tell us about what you will need, and we will leave time in your rental period for you to install and remove your decorative materials. We don’t allow confetti or flower petals, inside or outside the church. We also don’t allow any major alterations such as holes in walls or in the pews. There is no carpeting on the main aisle leading to the altar. We don’t provide any carpeting but do allow runners to be put down. The aisle measures: 64′ x 45.4′ but we recommend that you come to measure the aisle before renting any runners or carpeting.