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Webster_Hall_ConcertsWPUC is a community church suitable for all types of rentals. We offer reasonably rates for a variety of events including:


Webster Hall Rental

Webster Hall is a large room (46’3″ x 51’1″) with a high ceiling. It has a stage (40’9″ x 18’9″) with curtains and lighting. It has a well equipped kitchen suitable for preparing meals for many people. The hall has a stained glass window on one side and can easily be decorated to suit your event. Oblong (20 72″x30″), round (15 60″) and square tables (13 30″x30″) and 150 chairs are available.

Rental Prices:

Special pricing available for long term rentals (3 months or more).







Sanctuary Rental

Gothic in style with stained glass windows and dark wood, the sanctuary has a centre aisle 55 feet long. It has a raised chancel (3 steps) with communion table at the back. There is a raised pulpit on the left and choir stalls facing the chancel. There are 11 pews on either side for a total of 24. Each pew holds eight comfortably for an approximate total of 250 people on the main body of the church. There is additional seating with side wing pews

Rental price for religious service: $450 for up to a four hour block of time. Monthly rate $640. It is $90 per hour; for  weddings, the rental fee is $900; please see our Weddings Page for information regarding minister, administration, organist and soloist fees. Prices currently in effect as of September 2018 and subject to change.

Environmental Network with Faith in Nature

Our recently developed Faith in Nature is focusing on the environment and bringing community together. We welcome environmental groups to the church and provide special pricing for these groups. Please contact us for more details.

Be sure to visit our Faith in Nature page to find out about events.


Deposit and Payment terms

To book your space, we ask you to sign an agreement and leave a $200 deposit. Depending on the event, we may also ask for an additional $200 damage deposit that will be returned at the end of your event.  In the event of a cancellation, the deposit will not be returned. If cancellation is 5 days or less prior to the scheduled event, 25% of the bill will be retained. Full payment must be received 5 days before the event date or the space will not be available for use. Rental time includes set up and cleaning.

To inquire about renting these or smaller rooms, please call Shelagh McNally at 514-937-1146.