About Us

Window_web_04Westmount Park United Church today is a union of four churches.

The first sanctuary was a Methodist “tabernacle” constructed of wood in 1885 and replaced by a brick building in 1896. In 1920 the cornerstone of Webster Hall was laid. In 1925, Melville Presbyterian and Westmount Methodist churches joined and worshipped first in Melville Presbyterian Church and later in Victoria Hall while the new building (that we know today) was being constructed. On April 30, 1930 the new completed building was dedicated.

In 1948, Emmanuel congregation joined Westmount Park, bringing with them their minister.

In 1961, Calvary Church joined Westmount Park, bringing with them their minister.

The new Webster Hall was built in 1964.

Architecturally, Westmount Park is a most beautiful building with many lovely stained glass memorial windows.

Treasures from all of the congregations that united to become the Westmount Park United Church of today can be found throughout the church including windows, plaques, hymn boards, the communion table and the baptismal font to name a few.

Scroll down to see more photos of our stained windows by Charles William Kesley . 

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