Save their wetlands

Come visit the birds of Montreal Technoparc

Who: Everyone is invited

When: 10am-12 noon, Good Friday, 14 April 2017

Price: Free for everyone

What: A human Migration to meet the birds of the Technoparc Wetlands threatened by development.

Where: Technoparc Wetlands, meeting at chemin St François (east side of Trudeau Airport) – the farm house is the rendez-vous point

Transportation: By transit, metro Cote Vertu. There will be a free shuttle taxi. Look for the guide with the green feather at the top of the escalator.  Please RSVP if you need a lift. Email us at westmountparkuc @

Organized by  Neil Whitehouse, Minister of Westmount Park United Church (minister @

With support of The Green Coalition, Climate Coalition of Montreal, Dawson College Living Campus, Friends of Meadowbrook, Sauvons la falaise, l’Ance-à-l’Orme, Joël Coutu (ornithologue), The Sierra Club of Canada, Transition NDG.